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Audio Services Based In New York

In addition to being a designer and multimedia specialist, I am also a professional musician with twenty-five years experience as an audio engineer and audio editor. Extensive exposure to the intricacies of music has given me the ability to discern even the most subtle aspects of sound.

Speech Recording

I can do on-location recordings of public speeches. Previous clients include Forgotten Delights, Second Renaissance Books, and The Ayn Rand Bookstore. Click here to read a letter of recommendation from Diane Durante of Forgotten Delights.

Live Audio Recording

With a laptop, a MOTU 8pre interface, a collection of studio-quality microphones and Adobe Audition 3, I can achieve studio-quality sound recording, mixing, and mastering a live musical performance. For an example, listen to the Audio Recording clip at right, for which I also edited the video (headphones are recommended).

Audio Editor

I can cut, combine, edit, mix, equalize, add effects, correct pitch and extract center channnels, among many other editing techniques.

Audio Restoration

I can reduce noise and hiss, eliminate clicks and pops and optimize sound quality on pre-existing recordings; for an example, watch the Before & After clip at right, for which I also color corrected the video.

Loop Soundtrack

I can compose loop-based soundtracks in any musical style for your video, web site, or presentation. To hear a sample of one of my soundtracks, click on the Flash Animation w. Loop Soundtrack website.

Stock Music Soundtrack

I can alter the timing and form of a royalty-free stock music track in order to make it fit the timing of a video clip. To hear a sample, click on the David Yurman Training Video clip on the Video page.

Master to CD

I can separate, compile, and normalize, and if necessary, compress, hard limit and equalize individual audio tracks for output to CD.


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Audio Recording
Before & After:
Audio Remastering

"Drumming Patterns":
Original Loop Soundtrack