New York Multimedia: Integrated Design


I have had extensive professional experience as a writer, editor, and copy editor. When you choose New York Multimedia, you can look forward to working with an individual who can write and edit copy at an expert level.


With thirty years experience as a professional writer for newspapers such as the Cleveland Press and New Review, magazines such as Percussive Notes and Jazz Magazine, and books such as the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, I can write copy for your project that is clear, succinct, and grammatically correct. To read samples of my writing, click here.


I have been the editor of three jazz textbooks, including the top-selling Jazz Styles in its first five editions. I am highly skilled at clarifying and distilling to its essentials writing that is verbose, illogical, and/or unclear. This presentation is one example of my editing. I've also have had professional experience working as a copy editor for publisher Prentice Hall.

New York Multimedia is the website of writer, designer, and multimedia specialist Chuck Braman