New York Multimedia: Integrated Design

New York Video Production

I can professionally handle every phase of video production, from filming to final output. Click here to read a letter of recommendation concerning my work from Rusty Coristine, Co-Founder and Director of Advertising Sales and Strategy at Zoove, click here to read a letter from Ken Price, Senior Vice President of Sales at Jakks Pacific, Inc., and click here to read a letter from vocalist Alexandra Frederick.

Videotaping Services

I can videotape footage for a musical performance, corporate video, commercial, documentary, wedding, interview, speech, or any other event, using one or more consumer or prosumer video cameras depending on your budget. For single camera shoots, I can now save time and money and set lighting, white balance, focus, exposure and sound levels with the ultimate accuracy—and record without the interruption of changing tapes—by recording directly to hard disk.

Video Editing

As video editor I can edit and apply transitions to your video footage at points that are both creative and logical. For an example, watch the Video Editing/Audio Recording clip at right.

Music Specialization

I bring several specialized skills to the table when videotaping and editing musical performances. As a professional musician, I have a creative, esthetic, and logical understanding of where to point the camera while videotaping, and when to cut and which scenes to cut to during the editing process. In addition, as an audio engineer, I'm able to record, mix, and master studio quality sound. For examples of my editing, recording and mixing, watch the Video Editing/Audio Recording clip at right.

Video Motion Graphics

Using still images and/or video footage, I can

  • create sophisticated animated text effects.
  • create sophisticated 3D special effects.
  • composite (combine) movies and images.
  • animate individual layers of Photoshop and Illustrator files.

For an example, watch the David Yurman Training Video clip at right. Click here to read a letter of recommendation concerning my work from Lee Tucker, Director of Visual Communication at David Yurman.

Video Postproduction

Using original or existing footage, I can

  • apply color correction.
  • improve audio quality.
  • add animated lower thirds.

For examples, watch the Before and After clips at right, where I correct poorly shot and recorded video to match, as closely as possible, the color, lighting (darker), and sound of the professionally shot Video Editing/Audio Recording example (above right).

Video Special Effects

Using existing footage, I can

  • combine greenscreen interview footage with customized virtual sets while adding convincing effects like virtual shadows and reflections.
  • animate, transform and composite (combine) multiple movies and images.

For an example, watch the Video Effects and Greenscreen clips at right.

Video Soundtrack

I can compose a loop-based soundtrack in any musical style for your video, or provide and edit a stock music soundtrack. To learn more about my soundtracks, visit the audio link on this web site.

Video Output

I can leverage your product by outputting it to multiple formats, such as a presentation, or DVD.


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Video Editing/Audio Recording
Motion Graphics (David Yurman Training Video)

Before & After:
Color Correction, Masking & Audio Remastering
Before & After:
Color Matching Between Cameras
Video Effects (DVD Opening Sequence)
Greenscreen or Chroma Key Video-editing