New York Multimedia
integrated design
the company of designer & multimedia specialist Chuck Braman

About New York Multimedia

Achieve superior results by creating all of your branding, designs and assets working together with a single expert. Owned by writer, designer and multimedia specialist Chuck Braman, New York Multimedia offers seamless integration of branding, content, design, and production.

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, when you choose New York Multimedia you are putting yourself in a winning situation by breaking through the limitations imposed by working with either a narrow specialist or a multilevel bureaucracy. Create a project in media formats such as video, audio, photo, illustration, animation and text, then combine these media assets into full designs for web, print and presentation. All the while maintain the simplicity, flexibility and consistency inherent in working with an expert multimedia designer.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Chuck over the past several years. He designed my most recent website for Champlin Woods Condos and improved the SEO for my previously existing Winnapaug Cottages website. He has also designed most of my magazine and newspaper ads for these Rhode Island real estate entities. By working with Chuck—and yes, you can actually sit with him and collaborate—you can get material that really speaks to your market and appeals to your eye. This one-on-one collaboration allows you to communicate what is special about your product or venue in a way that you never could with an advertising agency that would surely have a superior know-it-all attitude. Chuck keeps up on the latest visual ideas and does a better job with search engine optimization than so-called SEO specialists. Chuck works fast and corrects the grammar and spelling in your copy. He works intelligently and on your schedule with or without your presence.”
—Rochelle Levy,
Owner, Newbury New England LLC

About Chuck Braman

The development of Chuck Braman‘s graphic design skills began in 1986 with his desktop-published book “Drumming Patterns.” Since that time he has edited video, created loop-based soundtracks, recorded and engineered audio, created training videos, produced DVD’s, designed books, ads, logos, animations and websites, and received expert certification from Adobe. Over the past thirty years as a freelance graphic artist, he has worked for almost every major company in Manhattan. Extensive experience as a writer and editor and formal training in logic round out his skills.

“I enjoyed collaborating with Chuck. He's a listener, a doer, and a creative asset. I find him extremely bright and engaging. He welcomes challenges and finds solutions. He works hard at his creative skills and brings the benefits to the organization.
—Peter Meister
Partner, Managing Member
Ironbound Film and Television Studios