Case Study: Fulfilling A Creative Vision

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The creation of this site was a personal labor of love, one with a back-story.

1988 was the very beginning of what was the become my graphic design career. It was that year that I self-published my 176–page self-designed book Drumming Patterns, the result of three years of work developing and bringing to life an original theory of instrumental technique, one of my life’s proudest achievements.

The reaction following the initial publication of the book was promising: it garnered positive reviews in all of the major trade magazines as well as several celebrity endorsements. However, lacking a distributor, and with my relocation to New York City immediately following its publication, its promotion and distribution fell by the wayside.

That is until the lockdown of New York City began in March 2020. Then I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands. Time, finally, to properly achieve my long-overdue goal: not only to sell the physical books that I had printed years ago but to sell it also in digital format, and to present the original theory underlying it properly to its audience.

First step: I recreated the book in order to make individual chapters available for download.

Then I created a 20-minute animated introduction to both the book and the concept behind it.

Next, I gathered all of the material that I had created related to the book and the subject of drumming over the past three decades: hundreds of detailed transcriptions I had made of my drum heroes‘ recordings, all the book’s reviews, interviews, and new material, all to be put in a blog to attract customers for the book and backlinks from other sites to increase search engine rankings.

Next, I created the design elements: a color scheme, a logo. Then ancillary projects: a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter page, with all the graphic assets to go with them.

Finally, I created a completely custom site, based on everything I had learned about communicating effectively to the book’s audience over the preceding three decades.

This is where a fully custom web design is crucial: this site could never have been created from a template, or by repeating the design clichés of this or any other time. Rather, the structure and design of the site could only have come about organically, dictated by its content and the purpose that created that content; the process of creating a website like this is not a rote routine, but a fulfilling intellectual and creative adventure.

What I‘ve achieved for myself, I can also achieve for you: to bring your unique vision to life, from concept to content to form, all using the state-of-the-art web design, development and hosting platform, Webflow.