Case Study: Changing—And Growing—With The Times

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The original version of this site was the first that I ever created in 1997, one page in raw HTML, a single photo of myself, and links to several essays I had written on topics ranging like John Locke to jazz drummer Paul Motian. Believe it or not, back then that “design” received a lot of compliments!

In 1999 I used Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft FrontPage software to create a greatly expanded version of it, which you could say was "state of the art" at the time. 

It wasn't until 2013 that I begin completely restructuring and redesigning the site using Adobe Muse. I got a good amount of the way along but stopped short of finishing adding all of the content I had in mind and updating it from a static desktop site to a fully responsive site. The basic design and organization, however, I am still quite pleased with. It’s simple, clear, and unique. That is the site as it stands today. 

The future:

In March of 2018 Adobe announced that they were discontinuing development of Muse, and I had to find a new web development platform. This was a stroke of luck disguised as a disaster. It led me to my current web design platform, Webflow, which is radically better than Muse in every regard and is a pure joy to learn and use.

So finally I've begun the process of recreating and updating the site in responsive form using Webflow and its state-of-the-art features. I’m going to predict that this project will be completed before the end of 2019.

Meanwhile, a glance back to the original 1997 version of the site: it turned out that having a lot of essays on the Internet for 23 years gave me quite a leg up with Google. These essays have been ranked highly for many years and have gotten hundreds of thousands of lengthy views.

It's nice to have some influence!