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the company of writer, designer and multimedia specialist Chuck Braman

Adobe Illustrator Certified Expert

Back in 1996, I studied Adobe Illustrator intensively, after which I passed an exam to become an Adobe Certified Expert. Since then, many more years of practical experience along with extensive additional study has further broadened my skills.

“I’m writing to congratulate you for the thoroughly professional illustrative work that you rendered in designing and executing a logo for the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust.
Like an attentive musician, you took an idea, a sketch and a verbal cue, and delivered a rendering that exceeded our expectations.
In addition, you kept your efforts well within our budget and our time constraints.
You’ve done great work for us in the past, and I look forward to our future collaborations.”
—Patrick S. McCarty,
Secretary, Board of Directors
Brooklyn Queens Land Trust

Line Art

I can transform hand-drawn illustrations into perfectly symmetrical computer generated line art. Additionally, using Photoshop I can transform flat vector-based line art using 3-D bitmap effects, as in the example below right.

Logo Design

I can create logos or turn your logo concept into finished artwork.

Technical Illustration

I can create all manner of technical illustrations, such as the illustration of a seating chart.

the company of writer, designer and multimedia specialist Chuck Braman
Seating Chart Illustration Logo Design Illustration From Client Sketch Transform Vector Into 3D Raster Art