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Photoshop Certified Expert

Back in 1996, I studied Adobe Photoshop intensively, after which I passed an exam to become an Adobe Certified Expert. Since then, many years of practical experience along with extensive additional study has further broadened my skills.

Photo Retouching

I can correct brightness and contrast, hue and saturation, exposure, color casts and color temperature problems, compensate for flash and backlighting.

Photo Repair & Restoration

I can reconstruct old photographs by repairing dust, mold, and unwanted textures, repair scratches, tears, cracks and other damage, and blemishes using Photoshop.

Photo Colorization Service

I can colorize black and white photographs.

Photoshop Effects Expert

I can create a photo collage, superimpose one or more people in a group photo or superimpose an object or a person from one photo into another.

Photo Printing & Output

I can print your photos as professional quality prints. In addition, I can output your photo collections to the web in a variety of formats, including photo albums and slideshows, or as a hardcover or softcover book, greeting card, or calendar.

the company of writer, designer and multimedia specialist Chuck Braman
Photoshop photo colorizing service