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Integrated Web Design

If working with a compartmentalized individual or company makes no sense in general, it particularly makes no sense when it comes to the web. Today’s web sites not only need to be beautifully designed, but they also need to be tested for usability while simultaneously being optimized for visibility on Google. Unfortunately, few web designers understand all of the disparate fields required, such as business strategy, branding, IA (information architecture), content architecture, copywriting and copyediting, typography, color theory, graphic and interface design, UX (user experience), usability testing, SEO (search engine optimization), and hosting. (To view a case study demonstrating my ability to integrate these disparate fields, click here.) Fortunately for you, if you're looking for someone who understands all of these things, i.e., if you’re looking for truly integrated web design, then you’ve found the right person.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Chuck over the past several years. He designed my most recent website for Champlin Woods Condos and improved the SEO for my previously existing Winnapaug Cottages website. Chuck keeps up on the latest visual ideas and does a better job with search engine optimization than so-called SEO specialists. Chuck works fast and corrects the grammar and spelling in your copy. He works intelligently and on your schedule with or without your presence.”
—Rochelle Levy,
Owner, Newbury New England LLC

Brand-Centric Web Design

Your website is more than a collection of information: it’s the public representation of your business’s unique identity that differentiates it from all others. Brand-centric web design means that your website will be an organic representation of the unique value your business offers, whether we create your brand together or I create a design based on your already-established brand. To view a case study of my brand-centric approach to web design, click here.

Custom Web Design Using Webflow

State-of-the-art web design constantly changes. I know, because I’ve been doing it since the beginning: my first website was made in 1997 using pure HTML. Since then I’ve made websites using the then-industry-standard applications Microsoft FrontPage (1999–2002), Adobe Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash (2003–2008), Adobe Business Catalyst (2009–2012) and Adobe Muse (2012–2018). Today I work exclusively in Webflow, an innovative, state-of-the-art design, animation, development, CMS, e-commerce and hosting platform. Unlike the template-driven Wordpress sites that most web designers offer, Webflow allows complete design freedom, and unlike a fully custom-designed non-Wordpress site, it eliminates the need to pay for a developer in addition to the designer. Also, unlike Wordpress, it creates clean, fast-loading code on a secure, hacker-proof hosted platform. And finally, unlike Wordpress, the text and media in your Webflow site can be edited directly on the page, directly on the web, at any time—by you!

“I have some pretty exciting news — your Muse website will be showcased in this week’s Adobe Muse Site of the Day page. Congratulations on being featured — We love your site!”
—Dani Beaumont
Principal Product Manager, Adobe Muse

Collaborative Web Design

A great site is a collaboration between the designer and the client. Collaborating means you teaching me about your goals, preferences, and the unique identity of your business, and me teaching you about branding, design, copywriting, usability, and search engine optimization.

“By working with Chuck—and yes, you can actually sit with him and collaborate—you can get material that really speaks to your market and appeals to your eye. This one-on-one collaboration allows you to communicate what is special about your product or venue in a way that you never could with an advertising agency that would surely have a superior know-it-all attitude.”
—Rochelle Levy,
Owner, Newbury New England LLC

Sites of Any Size or Complexity

Want a simple, single-page website to promote an upcoming event? A multipage, database-driven blog? An e-commerce site? How about starting your design based on the design of another site on the web that you admire and adapting it to your needs? Or starting with a template that (unlike a Wordpress site) can be completely customized in every regard? Or better yet, how about a completely original design, starting from a completely blank slate, based on your own unique needs and vision? I can do any of these things for you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO starts with your site’s design. I am one of the few web designer/developers anywhere who is also an expert at SEO. Do you need proof? In addition to my work as a multimedia designer, I lead jazz bands in New York City and promote them via my self-designed website  “New York Jazz Bands,” (featured by Adobe as an Adobe Muse “Site of the Day”). Want to see how it ranks on Google? Here are some screenshots of relevant keyword searches on Google that highlight the ranking of my Google Adwords Ads, my organic rankings, and the visibility of my site‘s Google Knowledge Panel. Each of those were optimized by me to appear on the top of page one of Google. What this means: in addition to designing your site, I can help you get it seen.

Honest Work

Most web designers will charge you a flat fee that creates an incentive to do the least amount of work possible. (With a flat fee, the less work you do, the more money you make; conversely, the more work you do, the less money you make.) They will also try to have you pay additional flat fees in perpetuity for costly, and mostly needless, monthly “maintenance packages” and/or “SEO packages.” I, on the other hand, don’t want to be paid money for work that I don’t actually do; therefore, I prefer to work on an hourly basis, both during and after the time your site is created. That means that our interests will be fully aligned: you will control how much you pay, and I will be paid for no more and no less than the actual work that I do. That also gives you the option to start out relatively small (if you choose) and add features and complexity as your needs and budget allow. And throughout the process you will own the design, its code and its hosting, and will have the freedom to switch to a different designer at any point in time, should you choose to do so.

Begin With A Free Consultation

Don’t know where to begin? Contact me at the email below to arrange a free one-on-one consultation and we can discuss your goals and how to best achieve them.